2015-2016 Innovation in Hematology


2015-2016 Innovation in Hematology

Innovation in hematology

The Theme of the Year was introduced in 2012 with the aim to focus the attention on a certain topic in various publications and in sessions in the Annual Congress. Not only articles on the topic appear in the Newsletter or Hematopics as it is named nowadays, also editorials in Haematologica are part of the focus. Selected Scientific Working Groups are asked to write on the topic  from theis specific field of interest.

In the Congress program the topic is covered in different sessions.

This year, which runs from June 2015 until June 2016, the theme is Innovation in hematology.


Publications on Innovation in hematology

Haematologica January 2016: Innovation in the field of thrombocytopenias: achievements since the beginning of the century and promises for the future
Haematologica March 2016: Innovation in the prognostication of chronic lymphocytic leukemia: How far beyond TP53 gene analysis can we go?
Haematologica April 2016: Innovation in hematology: morphology and flow cytometry at the crossroads
Haematologica May 2016: Next generation research therapy in red blood cell diseases 
Haematologica May 2016: Innovation in treatment and response evaluation in multiple myeloma
Haematologica June 2016: Innovation in hematology. Perspectives: CML 2016