2014-2015 Personalized Medicine


2014-2015 Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine

This year, the spotlight is on the multifaceted issue of Personalized Medicine. Personalized Medicine concerns almost everybody; patients, doctors, policy makers and researchers. Personalized Medicine is important in policy debates about the cost of healthcare and medicine, health inequality, research regulations, and research funding. The stratification of diseases will provide challenges to the education and training of hematologists, and will change the way we diagnose and treat them. On different occasions, EHA has already paid quite some attention to the topic of Personalized Medicine in the past few years. The topic was covered in EHA’s previous congress programs and the topic was also covered in several articles in Haematologica. Moreover, Personalized Medicine is an important part of the European Affairs work that EHA is undertaking because the powers that be in Brussels see it as an important topic that is consequential for the way they regulate research, allocate research funds, and help curb healthcare spending.

In the next 12 months EHA aims to structure its communications on Personalized Medicine addressing the following topics:

• Where do we stand; what is the current status of Personalized Medicine? We will have to put a historical perspective on targeted treatment in CML, MPN, CLL, etc. What are the current challenges?

• Where do we go? Future view.

• Who will pay for it? What are the costs? Is it more or less expensive than traditional medicine?

• Revolutions in technology; next-generation sequencing, single cell sequencing, miniature devices, big data and more.

• How do Personalized Medicine & rare diseases relate?

These issues will be addressed in articles in Haematologica and the Newsletter as well as in presentations at the Congress and at other events, also in Brussels.


Publications on Personalized Medicine

Newsletter May 2014