2013-2014 Age and aging


2013-2014 Age and aging in blood disorders

Theme of the year "Age and aging in blood disorders" (June 2013-June 2014) 

Following the successful introduction of the theme of the year, EHA has selected the next theme that will run from June 2013 to June 2014. From a shortlist of 10 topics, “Age and Aging in blood disorders” was selected. In the current era, people live longer and are developing disorders that are related to age. We are all aware of the impact on society and healthcare costs and the (ethical) discussion it raises: patients too old or too young to be treated. Due to the current developments in treatments we have been able to turn fatal diseases into chronic diseases (CML), but there is still a big challenge ahead for other age related disorders like Multiple Myeloma. In a biological sense, cells are aging and therefore form a very interesting topic in hematology. To fully understand and enable us to intervene in the process in the patient’s interest, a lot of extra research is needed. In the coming year, we will draw attention to the developments that involve aging and the need for further research.


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