Morphology Database


Morphology Database

The ELN Morphology Database is managed by a Diagnostic Platform focusing on Flow cytometric and Morphological panels and is chaired by G Zini and MC Benè, respectively.

Currently 24 morphologists from 16 European countries participate in a panel: the European Morphology Consensus Panel (EMCP). The main goals of the EMCP are to:

  • Harmonize identification of hematological cells for a common European morphological diagnostic pathway.
  • Take into account national specific skills, competences and methods;
  • Provide patients with comparable morphological diagnosis all over Europe.

Presently the Morphology Database contains 227 images with 600 labeled hematopoietic cells from peripheral blood and bone marrow, collected from all the EMCP members. Each member has submitted her/his own cell images providing each submitted and labeled cell with her/his proposal in terms of lineage, maturation stage and terminology. Faculty Members were asked to indicate their agreement or personal alternative definition for each labeled cell.

Cells, about which there was disagreement, were reviewed collectively at a meeting in Nancy in October, 2008 and agreement was reached: these cells are highlighted with a red circle around the number.

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