EHA Online Learning


EHA Online Learning

In this technologically driven world, EHA keeps up to speed by providing its members with state-of-the-art online learning tools, which are designed to facilitate easier access to knowledge for doctors across the globe.

EHA Learning Center

An exciting platform designed to expand your knowledge!

In recent years, EHA has greatly expanded its online learning resources and now offers high-quality materials for hematology education. Such materials cover a variety of topics, serving the needs of hematologists with different fields of interest.

The EHA Learning Center is the official online learning platform of EHA. By using the European Hematology Curriculum as the basis for hematology education throughout EHA’s learning activities, doctors will be able to find plenty of relevant materials on the Learning Center. 

European Hematology Curriculum

The European Hematology Curriculum is the widely accepted standard for Specialty Training in Hematology in Europe. This curriculum is the basis for the CV Passport which is also available online. The Online CV Passport and the EHA Learning Center are fully integrated and provides the starting point for expanding your knowledge in the field of hematology.

EHA Master Classes

Over the past few years, EHA has developed the EHA Master Class; an online group learning course, combined with the building of professional and social networks which allow knowledge and experience to be shared. 

Whether you like to listen to interviews with leading figures in hematology, review interesting presentations from the annual Congress or take a more active approach and earn EHA-CME credit points while completing compelling case studies, EHA offers you what you need in order to keep yourself up-to-date, anytime, anywhere!