European Hematology Association

European Hematology Exam

Madrid Spain June 21 2017


What is the European Hematology Exam?

The European Hematology Exam aims to certify excellent knowledge according to the criteria and topics of the European Hematology Curriculum. While the right to practice will still be granted by national authorities, the European Hematology Exam will be regarded as an extra quality stamp for hematologists. It is an important step in the harmonization of hematology training/education in Europe, and will support professional mobility.

The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions (MCQ) in English, covering all 8 sections of the European Hematology Curriculum, and will take 2.5 hours. 

Who should take part in the exam?

The exam is mainly aimed at hematologists who just finalized their specialty training, and is also open for mid-career and senior hematologists who would like to examine if their knowledge is still up-to-date.


In principle, you should be ready for the exam once you finalize your specialty training at a national level. We recommend that you complete the Curriculum Passport, in order to self-assess your current knowledge level. With this self-assessment, you can identify on which sections you should improve your knowledge. In case you have some gaps to fill, the EHA Learning Center can help you.

Quality assurance

To make sure that the questions and answers are of high scientific and educational quality, adhere to the European recommended level, and cover the full spectrum of the Curriculum, a Question Writers Group has been established. For this group, 22 experienced hematologists have been selected and trained by educationalists on how to write good exam questions. A Review Group reassessed all questions, from which a selection has been made, representing all Curriculum sections.

Participants who passed the European Hematology Exam in 2017

First name Last name   First name Last name
Aitana Balaguer Roselló   Luisa Regadas Fernandes
Alessandra Romano   Mafalda Castro
Amaia Casado   Mafalda Alpoim Vieira
Anastasia Marvaki   Márcio Tavares
Andres Gomez-De Leon   Ana Margarida Rodrigues
Anke Scholz   Mariana Martins Lessa Machado
Ayman Youssef   Maria Velegraki
Beatriz Martínez Lázaro   Marta Nunes
Carmen Julia De Ramón Ortiz   Martha Groove
Caroline Besley   Martin Henkes
Claudia Ootjers   Marc Sorigue
Claudia Stege   Mercedes Berenguer
Cosima Suter   Miguel Ángel Torrente Marchante
Charlotte Pawlyn   Ozgur Mehtap
Ebru Kizilkilic   Ramona Merki
Elina Beleva   Rocío Figueroa
Elvira Mora Casterá   Roel Fiets
Faustino García-Candel   Rui Magalhães
Gilberto Barranco Lampón   Ruben Fernandez-Alvarez
Isabel González   Sze Ki Sandy Ho
Juan Antonio Lopez Lopez   Stamatis Karakatsanis
Juan Zazueta Pozos   Teresa Garrido
Kameliya Simeonova   Sidharth Totadri
Lizzie Lovera Ferreira   Valentín Cabañas Perianes
Lucia López-Anglada Fernández   Yeşim Oymak
Luis Gerardo Rodríguez-Lobato   Zoi Bousiou