Competence Survey


Competence Survey

European Professional Competence Survey

In order to monitor the development of professional competences in hematology in Europe, the European Professional Competence Survey is being initiated.

Objective of the Survey

The European Professional Competence Survey is based on the self-assessment of knowledge, skills, and competences of hematologists. Based on their self-assessment, an analysis will be made concerning the quality and completeness of hematology training provided throughout Europe. With this analysis in hand, areas in educational programs needing improvement can be identified at national and regional levels. Improving education will raise the overall standards in hematology, which ultimately will lead to improved patient care.

The self-assessment can be used to monitor personal competences, skills, and knowledge over time and to compare these with other European hematologists.


Participants may come from all European countries. Targeted participants for this survey are all hematologists and those at the end of their specialty training.

The input of individual participants will be used strictly confidential and will never be disclosed to any third party.

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