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EHA Medical Education Program

EHA is one of the largest international, independent providers of hematological knowledge. As a knowledge platform, the association offers a comprehensive and integral curriculum which forms the basis of the Medical Education Program, through which professionals acquire state-of-the-art knowledge by use of various means. Through the global connection, EHA makes peer-reviewed knowledge available from Reykjavik till Athens, which is directly applicable in practice. This allows you, as a professional, to always be aware of latest trends, developments, publications and studies. meetings.

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  • EHA Learning Center: EHA’s official learning platform, containing congress materials, webcasts, podcast interviews, accredited clinical cases, articles and more
  • Master Class: online program that allows hematologists to study real patient cases, in groups, together with colleagues from all over the world
  • Hematology Curriculum: a comprehensive, detailed and itemized description of all topics in the specialty of hematology
  • Curriculum Passport: online tool to monitor progress in the Curriculum
  • Quality Assurance: Quality of all online materials is assured by the ELC Editorial Board


EBAH CME Accreditation: independent accreditation body in Hematology.