Red Cell and Iron Disorders & MDS


EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting: Red Cell and Iron Disorders, and Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)

Dates: March 6-8, 2015
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Chairs: SL Thein and P Fenaux
Co-Chairs: C Camaschella, M Cappellini, U Platzbecker
Scientific Committee: SL Thein, C Camaschella, M Cappellini, A Iolascon, M Muckenthaler, U Platzbecker, P Fenaux


The EHA Scientific Working Group for Red cell and Iron, SWG on MDS and EHA organized a 3 day workshop as an update on the new scientific findings and progress made in translating science into diagnostics, management and novel treatment of patients with red blood cell and iron disorders.

The meeting covered all aspects of erythropoiesis and red blood cell disorders – membrane, metabolic and haemoglobin as well as iron metabolic dysfunction. In addition to plenary lectures from scientists involved at the cutting edge of research, updates on clinical practice, and recommendations from internationally recognised experts in the field were included. The clinical case presentations with interactive discussions were presented by delegates and round tables was dedicated to discussion with patient organisations to better understand the currently unmet needs in sickle cell disease and MDS.

The meeting will be designed as a continuing educational event, targeted at physicians and hematologists as well as laboratory scientists.

Participants of this meeting were eligible to receive one Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit point for every hour of accredited activity from the EHA-CME system.

A report of this meeting has been published and is now available here.

Hematologists in training are welcome to participate by submitting a clinical case. 
The chairmen of the EHA SWG Scientific meeting will review all cases. Three submissions will be selected for oral presentation at the meeting and will be granted free registration. Other submissions will be considered for uploading to the EHA Learning Center.  
The guidelines for the cases are available here [link to the document]. 
Please submit your clinical cases in PowerPoint format to before 10/02/2015. 


Day 1, Friday

Time Title Speaker
13:30-13:45Welcome & Introductory RemarksSL Thein, P Fenaux
13:45-15:50Erythropoiesis – Normal and disorderedChairs: SL Thein, P Fenaux
13:45-14:10Characterisation of erythroblasts: normal and disordered erythropoiesis, to include red cell membrane disordersM Narla
14:10-14:35Genetic control of erythropoiesis and haematopoiesis SL Thein
14:35-15:00Role of macrophages in erythropoiesisM Narla
15:00-15:25Congenital dyserythropoiesis – pathogenesis and European registryA Iolascon
15:25-15:50Dyserythropoiesis in MDS – pathogenesisM Fontenay
15:50-16:20Coffee Break
16:20-18:00Ribosomopathies and bone marrow failureChairs: M Fontenay, M Narla
16:20-16:45Ribosome biogenesis and Shwachman-Diamond syndrome A Warren
16:45-17:10Role of L-Leucin and ribosomes in MDS and other diseasesA Narla
17:10-17:35Congenital BM failure syndrome (including dyskeratosis congenita, Fanconi’s) I Dokal
17:35-18:00Panel Discussion: What are the current recommendations for the investigation of patients with a possible dyserythropoiesis?Panel discussion with speakers
18:00-19:00Welcome Reception


Day 2, Saturday

Time Title Speaker
09:00-10:15Iron and heme disorders (I)Chairs: C Camaschella, J Porter
09:00-09:25Iron regulation and dysregulation F Vinchi
09:25-09:50Microcytic / hypochromic anaemia – differential diagnosis C Camaschella
09:50-10:15Congenital and acquired sideroblastic anaemias A May
10:15-10:45Coffee Break
10:45-12:00Iron and heme disorders (II)Chairs: SL Thein, F Vinchi
10:45-11:10PorphyriasH Puy
11:10-11:35Splicesomal mutations in RARS and other diseasesA Kulasekararaj
11:35-12:00Role of hepcidin in MDS / haemoglobinopathiesJ Porter
12:00-13:00Transfusion dependence vs non-transfusion dependence?Chairs: SL Thein, F Vinchi
12:00-12:20ThalassemiaA Taher
12:20-12:40MDSP Fenaux
12:40-13:00Sickle cell diseaseJ Porter
14:00-14:50Haemoglobinopathies and MDSChairs: U Platzbecker, MD Cappellini
14:00-14:25Bone Marrow Transplant (sickle cell and thalassaemia) V Potter
14:25-14:50Bone Marrow Transplant (MDS and aplastic anemia) U Platzbecker
14:50-15:40Iron chelationChairs: U Platzbecker, MD Cappellini
14:50-15:15Current status in haemoglobin disorders J Porter
15:15-15:40Current status in MDSN Gattermann
15:40-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-18:00Emerging therapies for disorders of erythropoiesisChair: A Taher
16:00-16:20ESAs I Macdougall
16:20-16:40Emerging treatment options in MDS Activin receptor modulationU Platzbecker
16:40-17:00New perspectives of hepcidin manipulation in treatment of iron dysregulation C Camaschella
17:00-17:20Emerging treatment options for haemoglobinopathies Gene therapy for haemoglobinopathiesG Ferrari
17:20-17:40Emerging treatment options for SCDL de Franceschi
17:40-18:00Fetal haemoglobin induction – a reality for treating β globinopathies?SL Thein


Day 3, Sunday

Time Title Speaker
09:00-10:00The view of Patients' AssociationsChairs: A Taher, U Platzbecker
09:00-09:20Thalassaemia International FederationA Eleftheriou
09:20-09:40Sickle Cell SocietyJ James
09:40-10:00MDS Association CCM FranceP Festy
10:00-11:20Clinical guidelines for diagnostics and managementChairs: C Camaschella, P Fenaux
10:00-10:20Sickle cell disease L de Franceschi
10:20-10:40MDS - ESAsP Fenaux
10:40-11:00Hemoglobinopathies MD Cappellini
11:00-11:20Iron supplementationI Macdougall
11:20-11:40Short Break
11:40-13:00Case presentations by DelegatesChairs: MD Cappellini, SL Thein
11:40-11:55MDS in the elderly, the diagnostic conundrumR Tenreiro
11:55-12:10Magnificent encounterK Yalçın
12:10-12:25Another acute pain episode in sickle?K Gardner
12:25-12:40A new mutation of IRIDAMJ Teles
12:40-13:00Panel discussion and concluding remarksPanel