EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting


EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting on Multiple Myeloma

DATES: September 5-7, 2014

LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain

CHAIR: Gareth Morgan


The EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting was organized by the EHA Scientific Working Group on Multiple Myeloma (MM) and EHA.

The goal of this meeting was to provide the state-of-the-art on genome wide studies, molecular diagnostics, GWAS analyses, imaging, MRD monitoring, myeloma stem cells, targeted treatment strategies, clinical trial portfolio, biobanking and guidelines. The meeting was designed to create a high quality scientific program and to share in-depth scientific knowledge with hematologists. In particular, this meeting offered an innovative format that allowed room for discussions. Voting boxes were used for the self-assessment of participants.

The meeting was targeted towards specialists in hematology, clinicians involved in MM, basic researchers, biologists, students and everybody interested in this specific section of hematology.

Participants of this meeting are eligible to receive one Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit point for every hour of accredited activity from the EHA-CME system.

A report of this meeting has been published and is now available here.


Day 1, Friday September 5, 2014 - Molecular pathogenesis of myeloma
Day 2, Saturday September 6, 2014 - Risk stratification, molecular monitoring and targeted treatment
Day 3, Sunday September 7, 2014 - Trials and tribulations

Day 1, Friday September 5, 2014 - Molecular pathogenesis of myeloma

Time Title Speaker
14:00-15:45Welcome & Introductory RemarksG Morgan & P Sonneveld
14:15-16:00Genome wide analysis of myelomaChairs: G Morgan & N Munshi
14:15-14:30Mutational landscape of myelma and its clinical useN Munshi
14:30-14:45Genome wide mapping analysis of myelomaN Weinhold
14:45-15:00Methylation analysis and its significance for myeloma initiation and prognosisM Kaiser
15:00-15:15Tumour diversity and prognosis in myelomaG Morgan
15:15-16:00Discussion and strategy going forward
16:00-16:15Coffee break
16:15-18:00Molecular diagnostic approaches for myelomaChairs: H Avet Loisseau & M Kaiser
16:15-16:30What infrastructure is needed to run a risk adapted studyH Avet Loiseau
16:30-16:45The future of FISH for the diagnosis of presenting myelomaH Avet-Loisseau
16:45-17:00Using GEP as a diagnostic tool in the clinical arenaP Sonneveld
17:00-17:15New molecular diagnostic strategies for presenting myelomaM Kaiser
17:15-18:00Discussion and strategy going forward
18:00-18:15Wrap up Day 1Chairs and Speakers
18:15-19:15Welcome Reception

Day 2, Saturday September 6, 2014 - Risk stratification, molecular monitoring and targeted treatment

Time Title Speaker
09:00-10:15GWAS analyses of myelomaChairs: H Goldschmidt & G Morgan
09:00-09:15The aetiology of myeloma genetics versus environmentG Morgan
09:15-09:30Inherited variation – risk and outcome of myelomaH Goldschmidt
09:30-09:45Expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) analysisN Weinhold
09:45-10:15Discussion and strategy going forward
10:15-11:15Imaging analyses of myelomaChair: E Terpos
10:15-10:30Imaging of bone lesions in the clinicE Terpos
10:30-10:45Novel approaches for imaging of bone in myelomaE Zamagni
10:45-11:00Focal lesions and their impact on biology and prognosisJ Hillengass
11:00-11:15Discussion and strategy going forward
11:15-11:45Coffee break
11:45-13:00MRD monitoring directed treatmentChair: B Paiva
11:45-12:00Response definitions and MRD as a clinical end point S Zweegman
12:00-12:15Flow based MRD detectionB Paiva
12:15-12:30PCR based MRD detectionN Munshi
12:30-12:45Discussion and strategy going forward
12:45-13:00Wrap-up Session Day 2/1
14:30-15:45 Multiple Myeloma initiating cellsChair: H Lokhorst
14:30-14:45The European MSCNET conclusions and a model for future collaborations
14:45-15:00Mouse models of myelomaH Lokhorst
15:00-15:15New mouse models for modeling disease outcomesA Beilhack
15:15-15:30Single cell analyses and intraclonal heterogeneityL Melchor
15:30-15:45Discussion and future strategies
15:45-16:15Coffee break
16:15-17:45Targeted treatment strategiesChairs: P Sonneveld & F Prosper
16:15-16:30Targeting RAS/MYC – the myeloma defining mutationsF Davies
16:30-16:45Targeting the epigenome as a therapeutic strategy in myelomaF Prosper
16:45-17:00Targeting protein homeostasis the Achilles heel of myelomaH Einsele
17:00-17:35Discussion and strategy going forward
17:35-17:45Wrap-up Session Day 2/2

Day 3, Sunday September 7, 2014 - Trials and tribulations

Time Title Speaker
09:00-10:20Clinical trial portfolioChair: P Moreau
09:00-09:10Current EMN clinical trials & country specific studiesE Terpos
09:10-09:20Trials for the younger fitter patient with myeloma M Dimopoulos
09:20-09:30Trials for the frail elderly patient with myelomaH Ludwig
09:30-09:40Can we cure myeloma – impacts for trial designP Moreau
09:40-09:50Risk stratified trials – their benefits and obstaclesG Morgan
09:50-10:20Discussion and future strategies
10:20-10:40Coffee break
10:40-11:20Biobanking in clinical trialsChair: S Zweegman
10:40-10:55The current status of biobanking in European trials S Zweegman
10:55-11:30Future strategies and discussion
11:30-12:40GuidelinesChair: M Engelhardt
11:30-11:50Current portfolio of clinical guidelinesM Engelhardt
11:50-12:10Strategies for developing new drugs and European scientific guidanceP Demolis
12:10-12:40Discussion and strategies going forward
12:40-13:00Concluding remarks
13:00-14:30Lunch and Departures