EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting


EHA-SWG Scientific Meeting: Integrated approach to demanding hematological diagnoses, from MDS to leukemias

Dates: September 10-12, 2015
Location: Barcelona, Spain  
Chair: MC Béné
Co-chair: G Zini


The EHA Scientific Working Group “Leukemia diagnosis: morphology and flow cytometry” and EHA organized a three day meeting as an in-depth exploration of the major hematopoietic disorders associated with cytopenia or hyperleukocytosis, and of the involvement of the different bone marrow series, combining morphology, flow cytometry and other diagnostic techniques to reach a proper diagnosis.

The objectives of this meeting were:

  • To provide participants with a comprehensive approach of the diagnostic management of difficult hematological patients.
  • To guide participants through the normal aspects of hematopoiesis, and related diagnostic issues, through practical cases of both morphology and flow. Emphasis was brought to practical situations as well as on the management of these diagnoses work-ups in the light of laboratory accreditation.
  • To update the audience on clinical and therapeutic parts related to the diagnoses reached.

The meeting included interactive sessions with cases, listmodes and voting boxes for self-assessment of delegates. In addition, papers were presented and a dedicated round table was organized to provide room for discussion with patient organizations.

The meeting was designed as a continuing educational event, targeted at laboratory scientists, performing morphology examination and flow cytometry analysis, as well as young hematologists in training.

Participants of this meeting were eligible to receive one Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit point for every hour of accredited activity from the EBAH system.

A report of this meeting has been published and is now available here.







Day 1, Thursday, September 10

Time Title Speaker
09:00-09:15WELCOME & INTRODUCTORY REMARKSMC Béné & L Malcovati
09:45-11:00Part I. PRE ANALYTICAL CONSIDERATIONS Chair: D Barnett
09:45-10:05Bone marrow sampling and handlingG d’Onofrio
10:05-10:25Of the proper use of a microscopeB Chatelain
10:25-10:45Image capture and cytomorphology D Di Martino
10:45-11:00General discussion
11:00-11:30COFFEE BREAK
11:30-12:45Part I. PRE ANALYTICAL CONSIDERATIONS (continued)Chair: D Barnett
11:30-11:50Fundamentals of harmonized flow cytometryF Lacombe
11:50-12:10Monoclonal antibodies and fluorochromes M Kapinsky
12:10-12:30Pre analytical variations to accept or avoid D Barnett
12:30-12:45Discussion with the audience
14:00-15:30Part II. MORPHOLOGY 1 Hematopoiesis, from progenitors to granulocytes and monocytesChair: G Zini
14:00-14:30Morphology of granulo-monocytopoiesis: normal, MDS and AMLA Tichelli
14:30-15:00Interactive cases, slides and voting boxes A Tichelli
15:00-15:30Interactive cases, slides and voting boxes V Bardet
15:30-15:45COFFEE BREAK
15:45-18:30Part III. FLOW CYTOMETRY 1 Hematopoiesis, from progenitors to granulocytes and monocytesChair: MC Béné
15:45-16:15Immunophenotypes in normal bone marrow, MDS and AMLA Porwit
16:15-17:15Interactive session with cases, listmodes and voting boxes on MDS and AMLF Lacombe, A Porwit
17:15-18:00Integrated diagnosis in MDS: morphology, flox cytometry, cytogenetics and molecular featuresA van de Loosdrecht
18:00-18:30Discussion with the audience
18:30-19:30Welcome Reception

Day 2, Friday, September 11

Time Title Speaker
09:00-10:00Part IV. MORPHOLOGY 2 Hematopoiesis, from progenitors to erytrhocytes and plateletsChair: A Tichelli
09:00-09:30Morphology of erythropoiesis and thrombocytopoesis: normal, MDS and AMLB Bain
09:30-09:45Interactive cases slides and voting boxesB Bain
09:45-10:00Interactive cases slides and voting boxesP Bettelheim
10:00-10:30COFFEE BREAK
10:30-12:30Part V. FLOW CYTOMETRY 2 Hematopoiesis, from progenitors to erytrhocytes and platelets Chair: S Matarraz
10:30-11:00Immunophenotypic exploration of erythropoiesis and thrombopoiesisP Bettelheim
11:00-11:15Interactive cases, listmodes and voting boxes P Bettelheim
11:15-11:30Interactive cases, listmodes and voting boxes S Matarraz
11:30-11:50The red score in MDSV Bardet
11:50-12:10Molecular features of red cell disorders P Bettelheim
12:10-12:30Discussion with the audience
14:00-15:30Part VI. MORPHOLOGY 3 Hematopoiesis, from progenitors to lymphocytesChair: B Bain
14:00-14:30Morphology of lymphoid series, normal and leukemic G Zini
14:30-15:00Interactive cases, listmodes and voting boxes G Zini
15:00-15:30Interactive cases, listmodes and voting boxes G d'Onofrio
15:30-16:00COFFEE BREAK
16:00-18:00PART VII. FLOW CYTOMETRY 3 Hematopoiesis, from progenitors to lymphocytesChair: F Lacombe
16:00-16:30Immunophenotypic features of lymphopoiesisMC Béné
16:30-17:00Immmunophenotyping of CLL and lymphoproliferative disorders A Rawstron
17:00-17:30Interactive presentation with voting boxesMC Béné
17:30-18:00Interactive presentation with voting boxesA Rawstron

Day 3, Saturday, September 12

Time Title Speaker
8:30-10:15PART VIII. CLINICAL PERSPECTIVESChair: A van de Loosdrecht
8:30-09:00Diagnostic recommendations in MDSL Malcovati
09:00-09:30New drugs/therapeutic approaches in lymphoproliferative disordersE Gyan
09:30-10:00Life and death of a new drug in oncohematologyW-D Ludwig
10:00-10:15Discussion with audience
10:15-11:30View of Patient organizations, followed by discussion with audienceChair: L Malcovati
10:15-10:30CML Advocates NetworkJ Geissler
10:30-10:45MDS Alliance A Waldmann
10:45-11:00Spanish Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia Patient Association (AEAL)N Bolaños
11:00-11:30Discussion with audience
11:30-11:45COFFEE BREAK
11:45-12:15Molecular MRD: rationale and update of available strategies A Ivey
12:15-12:45MRD in flow cytometry: rationale and update of available strategiesMC Béné
12:45-13:00Concluding remarksMC Béné