Short Term Collaboration Awards


Short Term Collaboration Awards

Junior Advanced
AimFacilitate the collaboration BETWEEN research groups that have techniques or facilities that are unavailable in the applicant’s home instituteShort term support to encourage mobility
Eligibility criteria applicantJunior Scientist (see below)Senior Scientist (see below)
Funding amountMaximum €7,500 if home and host institute both within Europe, €10,000 for intercontinental visitsMaximum € 20,000,-
Funding periodMaximum 3 months2-9 months

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Requirements Junior Scientistclick to expand

Scientists holding an MD or PhD (or equivalent) or pre-doctoral scientists (PhD students); and they should actively participate in basic or clinical research projects in hematology.

MD graduation may be no more than 12 years ago or the applicant may have no more than 8 years of post-doc experience after PhD graduation. Applicants holding both an MD and a PhD must be within 12 years of MD-graduation. Well documented requests for extension due to maternity leave will be taken into account by the Fellowships & Grants Committee. PhD students should already have some research experience, at least one year of proven experience at the time of application.

Applicants must return to their home institute after the fellowship for at least six months.

Applicants must be an EHA member at the time of application and during the short term collaboration program.


Requirements Senior Scientistclick to expand

Established academic hematologists (clinical or scientific), wishing to spend some time in a different academic hematological environment. Applicants must be an EHA member for at least 2 consecutive years at the time of application and during the short term collaboration program. Applicants must have an academic appointment in their home institute and be actively involved in research. Applicants should be independent group leaders or tenured/consultant level hematologists. No upper age limit, but applicants must be at pre-retirement, including during the stay.

Eligible expensesclick to expand

Supplies, research costs, travel/transport, accommodation and a per diem.

Non-eligible expensesclick to expand

Costs for overhead, costs for supporting family e.g. costs for school/daycare.

Terms and conditionsclick to expand

The applicant may not have any other career development funding provided by EHA at the time of application.

Applicants may be of any nationality but either the home or host institute must be located within Europe. Home and host institutes must be academic research or clinical hematology centers in different countries and one of them must be located in Europe.

Specification of maximum amount of funding by justification of budget.

All expenditures must be documented with original receipts, vouchers or invoices.

The host institute must facilitate the visit and support the awardee during his/her stay.

Funds must be administered by host institute.

Funding must be activated within at least one year after award granting and cannot begin before the date of acknowledgement of winning the award.

Awardee will be held to terms and conditions as described in the funding agreement.

A scientific and financial report (signed by the head of the host institute) is required within three months after the visit.

Selectionclick to expand

Applications will be reviewed by the Fellowships & Grants Committee and will be selected on the basis of the applicants’ academic track record and scientific merit, the quality of the proposal and the potential for European added value, preferably with perceived potential for continued collaboration after the collaboration period. Applications will be treated as confidential documents but will inevitably be seen by selected reviewers.

Should you have any questions on the Short Term Collaboration Award, please contact the EHA Executive Office at