Hematology Tutorials


Hematology Tutorials

Hematology Tutorials are courses aiming to provide laboratory and clinical hematologists with an integrated diagnostic and clinical work-up of hematological disorders.

The scientific program takes the participants through the diagnostic and clinical pathway with plenary lectures, interactively conducted clinical case study sessions and self-assessment sessions. The faculty is available to provide individual guidance to the participants throughout the meeting. The scientific program is designed to encourage interaction between the faculty and the course participants.

Future Tutorials

EHA-SAH Hematology Tutorial on Thrombosis, Hemostasis & Myeloid Malignancies

Chairs: R Foà, J Korin, G Kusminsky
Buenos Aires, Argentina

EHA Hematology Tutorial on Lymphoid malignancies, multiple myeloma and bone marrow failure

Colombo, Sri Lanka

EHA Hematology Tutorial on Lymphoid malignancies

Warsaw, Poland